I am born and raised in New Delhi, India. I do not have any training in art or anything close to it. I am an economic developer by profession and I live and work in Prince George, British Columbia, Canada. I don’t know how it all started, what provoked me to pursue painting about 2 years ago. This is something that makes me forget about everything, all I think about are colors, all I see are colors, and all I use are my brushes. I spend a lot of time researching about different techniques for painting and I am thankful to thousands of artists from around the world who are willing to share their techniques. I don’t confine myself to one style of art, I go back and forth to different styles. My personal favorite is Cubism by Picasso, I use a lot random subjects and objects to create my pieces. My pieces are synchronization of bold and bright colors and dark shades which you will see in most of my paintings. I think my passion for bright and bold colors stems from my home country, a country with full of colors whether it is our history, clothes, food, architecture, art, and culture.  I consider that my paintings are breaking all the barriers of societal traditions that are pushing us towards darkness and ignorance. With every painting I try to overcome this darkness with bright colors.