I started painting 2 years ago with a strong influence from Cubism by Picasso and geometric shapes. I still love cubism and try to fuse cubism with contemporary and abstract art. I create an abstract painting and place it in my living room, thinking about how and what can I add to this abstract painting. Sometime it takes months before I figure out next steps and sometimes only a few hours. Some of the abstract paintings are so enchanting that I am scared to even think about adding something to it. I hide such paintings so that I don’t get any idea to scar it.


This collection is originated from my desire to find places as depicted in these paintings. Some of the paintings are just fragment of my imagination, and some paintings are places close to my hearts. I desire to find similar places and spend time at these tranquil places. 


Contemporary Cubism

This collection is an evolving one. I started with something in mind, but end up doing something totally different. These paintings are revolved around my fascination towards geometric shapes. Some of the paintings in this collection are dedicated towards societal issues such gender equality, LGTB rights, and other stereotypes crippled our perception.  


We always say art is subjective, we see what we would like to see. My abstract paintings are what define me. I spend a lot of time thinking about my paintings and less time creating them. I don’t paint rather write a story through my paintings. This collection is about these stories.